We are ProCcare

“Our ambition is to bring the care of athletes to the next level”

The ProCcare approach defines two products: Software licenses and Educational Courses

  • Key features licenses
  • Standardized cold- , heat- and compression care protocols
  • Protocols combining clinical evidence and expertise
  • Customized to the individual athlete to increase its efficacy
  • Guidance through full rehab and recovery process
  • Control by medical specialist with full scheduling function
  • Key features courses
  • Understanding and integrating cold, heat and compression
  • Accreditation by the board of certification for athletic trainers
  • Courses at essential, advanced and mastery level
  • Customization possible to the organizations needs
  • Easy access throughout the world, also at home (webinar)


More benefit of cold, heat and compression through customization

Each athlete is different. Whether we talk about a professional, elite athlete or a passionate, recreational athlete, key is to optimize as much aspects as possible in order to become successful during training or competition. Therefore customizing the training approach for each specific athlete is essential. Unfortunately injuries, tiredness and general pains appear along the way as well, keeping an athlete away from performing at their best. ProCcare believes that in order to take care of athletes more accurately, the care approach should be customized as well.
Applying cold, heat or compression is the most used way in sports to cope with injuries, tiredness and pain. Literature proved that certain temperature thresholds should be used and that a more continued approach could provide advantageous effects. Also the impact of several personal characteristics, like local adipose tissue, are determining the outcome and use. With combining our own clinical expertise, the integrated expertise of our close partners and the most recent evidence concerning cold, heat and compression, we created the ProCcare approach.

Our story...

Slider Image 2000 Integration of demo device
in private practice
Slider Image 2004 Literature search concerning the use of cold for certain indications
Slider Image Slider Image 2007 STMS conference Antwerp Presentation of a care method for certain indications while using cold
Slider Image Slider Image Slider Image Slider Image Slider Image Slider Image 2010 Esska conference Oslo Presenting this care method
for integration in highly
professional organizations
Slider Image 2012 Integration of personalisation in treatment protocols Improving efficacy by using a validated thermophysiological model
Slider Image Slider Image 2015 Foundation ProCcare Launching website and software First educational courses
throughout the world

Meet the Experts

ProCcare was founded in 2015

Pat Viroux Co-founder

Senior sport physical therapist for over 25 years with international experience in elite sports. Started his own private practice in Antwerp, Belgium with a focus on rehabilitation of professional athletes. Responsible for the Rehab care concept within ProCcare.

Ivo Tiemessen Co-founder

Exercise physiologist (Phd) for over 10 years with international experience in elite sports with main focus on tennis. Specialized himself in applied thermo-physiology and recovery after exercise. Responsible for the performance recovey care concept within ProCcare.

Dusan Fiala External consultant

Specialized in thermal simulation (PhD), founder of Ergonsim. Assists ProCcare in building the algorithms for the customized treatments using his well validated FPC model.

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