Strength or Performance Coach

(Strength -, Conditioning-, or Performance coach - Personal Trainers - Field Rehab Specialist)

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Professional or Collegiate Sports Organization
  • Optimal efficacy to support the recovery needs of your athlete
  • High compliance due to high comfort and easy to use protocols
  • Customized protocols for each athlete
  • Full scheduling option providing the right protocol at the right time
  • Extended care throughout the training process
As the pressure on athletes to compete increases in time, strength and performance coaches are desperately trying to look for interventions that might be beneficial to the rate of recovery. More and more athletes are using ice baths, water immersion, extreme cold exposures (cryochamber) or cold showers to optimize their recovery after exercise.

Literature proved that we should take different, determining factors into account when applying interventions related to cold to optimize its effect: type of application, type of sport, body state and intensity of activity together with personal characteristics like body fat percentage.

ProCcare is helping with this by providing the needed protocols, for each form of application, based upon an evidence based practical approach. It has found the balance between the best available research in combination with the expertise of on the field clinicians to favor the recovery outcome for the athlete that is being treated or needs recovery.

The integration of personal parameters in each protocol is counterbalanced based upon a validated thermo-physiological model. This approach is unique in the world of cooling, heating and compression.

Local Rehab

  • No. of treatments
  • Field of application
  • Region
  • Repair phase
  • Depth
  • Personalization
  • Scheduling
  • Feedback and monitoriong

Global Recovery

  • No. of treatments
  • Purpose
  • Type of sport
  • Intensity
  • Body State
  • Personalization
  • Scheduling
  • Feedback and monitoring
  • 56-80

Basic Athletes

  • No. of treatments
  • Field of application
  • Region
  • 44-51

Strength or Performance Coach

Enhance the performance recovery of your athlete.

ProCcare offers also an accredited education program at essential, advanced and mastery level for each strength or performance coach. A combination of theory and workshops on the added value of cold, heat and compression for your professional career.


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