The role of whole-body cryotherapy in America’s silent killer
22 April 2019 / 0 comments
Chronic inflammation is regarded as America’s silent killer1 and has been a contributing factor in different America’s health trends2. The centers for disease control and prevention put the prevalence of adult obesity in the US  at 66%, 20% of the population is affected by arthritis, and joint disease and 18.8...
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Increasing the wanted effects following cryotherapy: head in or head out?
15 April 2019 / 2 comments
In our previous blog we made a differentiation between a whole body cryotherapy chamber and a cryosauna and answered the question what is the safest and best technology to reach my goals?  It became evident that the directed effects between the two technologies are different. In this blog we look...
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Which to choose, local- or whole body cryotherapy?
8 April 2019 / 0 comments
Cryotherapy is associated with low temperatures and extracting energy. Two typical applications are local cryotherapy and whole body cryotherapy, two different modalities with noticeable different effects….which to choose and when? Defining local and whole body cryotherapy The word ”Cryotherapy” originates from the Greek words: “cryo” = cold, and ”therapeia” =...
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Whole body cryotherapy; a chamber versus a cryosauna?
4 April 2019 / 0 comments
More and more centers are opening worldwide providing whole-body cryotherapy services using a lot of different technologies. To reach "cryo temperatures” either electricity or nitrogen is used. Within the nitrogen- cooled units, we differentiate between chambers and saunas, either via “direct” or “indirect” exposure to nitrogen. This all results in...
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Local cryotherapy acute soft tissue injury care management, let’s call the POLICE
31 March 2019 / 0 comments
Hello world me “Somebody get ICE!” an often used reflex when somebody just sprained his ankle or felt on his wrist. The use of ice or cryotherapy in acute soft tissue injury is a well-known strategy to cope with the first problems of swelling and pain, despite a paucity of...
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