Water Immersion…..China is catching up!
8 December 2019 / 1 comments
ProCcarewas asked to give several courses on the use of water immersion in sports for competition, training, and rehabilitation in China. 60 representatives from different National Teams of China listened very carefully to the water immersion presentation of ProCcare; Water Immersion, more than just an ice bath! During a 3...
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This month’s blog:
30 November 2019 / 0 comments
Safety and effectiveness are significantly related to the WBC technology used. More and more centers are opening worldwide, providing whole-body cryotherapy services. These centers are using many different technologies. To reach "cryo temperatures” either electricity, nitrogen or a combination is used. This all results in questions from the client: What’s the...
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Multi athlete player- our new water immersion software feature
24 November 2019 / 0 comments
Following the release of our water immersion software last month, we can now announce that we have added the multi athlete player as a functionality! This functionality guides multiple athletes at once during their immersion by providing customized immersion durations based on anthropometrics and thermal profile. Great for organizations that...
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2nd part of the Marketing campaign of the CustoRec courses: release of a white paper on safety
22 November 2019 / 0 comments
Following the recent posts and studies about athletes who have sustained cold burns as a result of whole-body cryo treatment, we have written a white paper about improving safety in whole-body cryo. Curious what we have to say about the matter? Download our white paper now via this link. 
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Welcome to our two new ambassadors: Dr. R. Clijsen & Dr. E. Hohenauer.
15 November 2019 / 0 comments
We are very pleased to be able to welcome two new ambassadors to our platform: Dr. Ron Clijsen and Dr. E. Hohenauer. Dr. Ron Clijsen is head of research and senior lecturer at SUPSI Landquart (Switzerland) and Dr. Erich Hohenauer is senior researcher at the University of Portsmouth (UK) and Supsi Landquart (Switzerland). Both have an impressive track record in publishing on the physiology and application of whole-body cryo and water immersion...
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