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17 February 2021 / 0 comments

Findings & Conclusions- 2021(-1)

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Study: Klemm, P. et al. Serial whole-body cryotherapy in fibromyalgia is effective and alters cytokine profiles. Adv Rheumatol 61,3 (2021).

Method: A comparison on pain level, disease activity cytokine levels of 6 WBC sessions at -130°C/-202°Fin 6 weeks in FM patients and healthy volunteers (N=57)

Primary findings by the authors:

-Serial WBC resulted in significant and clinically meaningful pain reduction in FM patients

-Disease activity is significantly reduced, and the effects on pain are significantly manifested after only three WBC sessions.

-No clinical benefit three months after discontinued treatment

ProCcare's take-home message: 

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition characterized by muscular or musculoskeletal pain with stiffness and localized tenderness at specific points on the body. Fibromyalgia can amplify pain sensations in both the muscles and bones, leading to fatigue and difficulty sleeping. It is regarded as a chronic disorder of unknown origin affecting 0.5-5% of the general population in western countries. Based on existing studies from Bettoni and colleagues (2013) and Vitenet and colleagues (2018), we already knew that WBC was beneficial in treating fibromyalgia, mainly on quality of life. This study of Klemm and colleagues looked into whether you could demonstrate the clinical effects of WBC at the molecular level and how long the effects last. One of the most important results in this study is that reducing pain and disease activity was reported after only three sessions with a prolonged effect with increasing serial applications. As Klemmand colleagues state: “Since patients with FM are partially impaired in their ability to work, and a minimal increase in the fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQ score) increased costs by approximately €865 per year, cost-effective WBC can be of great benefit in the treatment of acute exacerbations of FM in an individual, but it can also be important in a social perspective." The results of Klemm and colleagues (2021), in combination with the results of the study of Vitenet and colleagues (2018), show that serial WBC has its effects for more than one month after termination of the WBC treatment, which then decreased over time and was not sufficient after three months.

How to apply these findings into practice:

Overall, WBC seems to be a clinically valid, good, and fast-acting treatment for fibromyalgia. Remember, though, whole-body cryotherapy should never be an act on its own. It should be added to the recommended strategy by your doctor, including physical therapy, aerobic exercise, and good sleep hygiene recommendations. Application of whole-body cryo should consist of a series of multiple sessions within a fixed period, preferably 2 per week over a minimum of 5 weeks. The severity of the symptoms should determine the ultimate number of treatment sessions, with a maximum of 20 sessions.

Fibromyalgia is one of the medical tree's specific indications in our whole-body cryo solution software (see image). Interested in finding out how these new findings are integrated into our whole-body cryo CustoRec® solution? Please reach out to us and schedule your demonstration.


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