Training UFC Nottingham by ProCcare
12 September 2019 / 0 comments
In the middle of September, we trained the practitioners that will work with our whole-body cryo solution at the second location of UFC UK that opened their doors ( All participants enrolled in our online WBC course before the actual training on the software took place. During the day, the...
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Water Immersion for Rehab, September 6th, Shaanxi Province, China
6 September 2019 / 0 comments
ProCcare was invited by the Sports Bureau of Shaanxi Province to present on the use of water immersion for sports rehabilitation. The foundation of an optimal cooling strategy in acute care management such as cryokinetics and cryostretch was explained and demonstrated to an audience of close to 130 participants of...
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ProCcare trains staff of Class UFC @Woking
29 August 2019 / 0 comments
UFC Gym UK is opening his Class UFC @ Woking very soon as his first center of many more in the United Kingdom. Whole-body cryo will be offered to all its clients based upon the PolarFit® Care Software Solution by ProCcare. Training, supporting and servicing the UFC Gym UK staff...
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ProCcare meets dr. J. Costello
28 August 2019 / 0 comments
ProCcare agreed with Dr. Joe Costello on partnering in the future to further improve its whole-body cryo courses and software solution. Dr. Joe Costello and his team at the University of Portsmouth is considered as one of the leading research groups in this field. In their renowned experimental labs, he and...
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Our Research
27 August 2019 / 1 comments
To stay on top of the game, we invest in optimizing our approach together with our partner Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (USA). This week we will finish the measurements of a whole-body cryotherapy research project at Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (, including 22 healthy volunteers. We aim...
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