Air Products and ProCcare had a vision to develop a customized whole-body-cryotherapy solution, and through a strong partnership, backed up with latest scientific knowledge and expertise, we were able to achieve our goal with the PolarFit® Care Solution.   This proprietary solution is medically certified and the only unique, safe and customized whole-body-cryotherapy solution available’.   Jon Trembley, Cryogenic Technology Manager at Air Products & Chemicals Inc
Our Partnerships

You can only do so much on your own. That is why we are constantly looking for interesting collaborative projects that allow us to make optimal use of each other’s strengths. With our carefully selected collaborations, we provide you with full stack solutions, in coordination with our trusted partners.

Art of Cryo (a division of L&R Kältetechnik GmbH & Co.KG)

The best cryotherapy results can only be achieved with real, reliable, and even temperatures that reach the entire body. A logical step in the development of whole-body cryo goes beyond the products themselves, to creating individualized programs for the specific duration and frequency of use of our systems. That’s why Art of Cryo and ProCcare created and launched a new whole-body cryo concept.

Company size >150 employees
Industry whole body cryo solutions Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Fitness, Health & Prevention, Medical, Rehablitation, Elite Sports
Country Germany, serving global
L&R Kältetechnik started 30 years ago with its first -110 °C industrial solution and was 25 years building, installing and servicing the machines for a major whole body cryo manufacturer’s brand. Once we decided in 2020 to go to the market with our own brand, we were very happy to get in touch with ProCcare. We already had reliable technology granting real room temperatures, but the professional treatment software to individualize the procedure for the best secure outcome as the CustoRec® Solution is providing, was just the perfect fit. Beside quality, professionalism and knowledge, we found also in ProCcare the most essential part for a partnership, the personal fit and share of values with the team.
Rainer Bolsinger, CSO & CMO, a division of L&R Kältetechnik GmbH & Co.KG
Award icon Scientifically proven, comprehensible, and repeatable
Award icon Better customer experience, increase ROI
Beijing Maidi Sports & Medical Co. ltd

Beijing Maidi Sports & Medical Co. ltd (BMS); and ProCcare created a water immersion concept. Each water immersion pool is sold with online courses and a software license which guides the athletes to ensure a safe and customized immersion.

Company size: 35 employees
Industry: Sports Medicine
Country: China
By offering I-Cool products combined with the customized water immersion software solution of ProCcare, we meet the expectations of our high demanding clients. We are very happy to have signed a long-term partnership which increases the performance of our company.
Mr. Chen - CEO Beijing Maidi Sports&Medical Co., Ltd Beijing China
Award icon High quality rehabilitation
Award icon Safe and customized water immersion
PolarFit® Care

ProCcare partnered up with Air Products to develop PolarFit® Care, a proprietary solution. Medically certified, and the only unique, safe and customized whole body cryotherapy solution available.


Company size: +15 000 Employees
Industry: Chemicals
Country: United States
We had a vision, and finally brought it to life: a customized whole body cryotherapy solution backed up with the latest scientific knowledge and expertise. Recommended by experts with years of experience, who have identified the physiological and psychological benefits of WBC.
Jon Trembley, Cryogenic Technology Manager at Air Products & Chemicals Inc
Award icon Medically Certified
Award icon Customized WBC
Our Affiliates

We have created a few great courses but our affiliates help us to spread the word.


Our affiliates are critical to us. By reaching out to professionals worldwide, they create awareness about ProCcare and our CustoRec solutions. Therefore, we are selective in choosing our affiliates. They should understand and value our products, and work or have a secure connection with utilizing cold and heat in practice.
Pat Viroux. CEO and co-founder ProCcare BVBA
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The ProCcare Method
Step 1
Systematic literature search.
For each domain (whole-body cryo, water immersion, and local cold and heat), we systematically searched the sports- medicine literature databases and identified all relevant studies. This was done based on the right combination of search terms, screening for the inclusion criteria and assessment of quality via applying the Pedro scale.
Step 2
Critical appraisal
We extract the appropriate research findings, like athletes and patients benefits, indications for usage aligned with proper protocol settings, factors influencing effectiveness and contraindications to optimize safety.
Step 3
Best Practice Protocols
We developed basic protocols within each domain, for each application, for each indication, in each situation. Intensity, duration, frequency, and timing were defined, taking basic thermal principles, experience for key opinion leaders and generic elements (inslope, outslope, temperature modulations) into account
Step 4
The effect of personal parameters like gender, body composition and fitness, in each basic protocol is counterbalanced by applying an algorithm based upon the well-validated Fiala Perceived Comfort (FPC) model (Fiala and colleagues, 1999). Resulting in customized protocols for each athlete.
Step 5
Validation and development
We are continuously validating and developing our method with our research partners to optimize its use in practice ensuring a safe and standardized solution.